Maud of Wales
Born 26 November 1869(1869-11-26)
Marlborough House, London
Died 20 November 1938 (aged 68)
Appleton House, Sandringham
Burial 8 December 1938
Akershus Castle, Oslo
Spouse Haakon VII of Norway
Olav V of Norway
Full name
Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria
Royal House Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Father Edward VII of the United Kingdom
Mother Alexandra of Denmark

Maud of Wales (Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria; 26 November 1869 – 20 November 1938) was Queen of Norway as spouse of King Haakon VII. She was the youngest daughter of the British king Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark. Maud of Wales was the first queen of Norway since 1380 who was not also queen of Denmark or Sweden.

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